Church Expansion and Demographic Survey
This moment provides an important opportunity for us all to share together in assessing who we are and where we see ourselves headed.

We hope you enjoy filling out the questionnaire and that in addition to assisting our church, you find this process helpful in reflecting on your hopes for the future of MABC.

1) Where do you currently reside? *
2) Please specify your age *
3) What is your household composition? *
Preschool Aged Children (0-3)
School Aged Children (4-18)
Adult (18 - 65)
Senior (65+)
4) How long would you be willing to travel (by car) to get to the church? *
5) In an average month, how often do you attend Sunday morning worship? *
6) How long have you attended MABC? *
7) Were you involved in another local church prior to attending MABC? *
7a) If "Yes" please indicate reason(s) for now attending MABC.
7b) Indicate previous church if applicable
Your answer
8) Short Term Options: Rank the following options in order of preference (5 most preferred - 1 least preferred) *
Overflow of people participate in service in gym concurrently to current service
Renovate to include sound booth, fireside room and office into auditorium for additional seating
Two services: both on Sunday morning
Two services: one Sunday morning, one Sunday afternoon
Two services: one Saturday evening, one Sunday morning
9) Medium to Long Term Options: Rank the following options in order of preference (5 most preferred- 1 least preferred) *
Acquire and renovate local (in Georgetown vicinity) building to accommodate larger congregation size
Acquire local vacant land (in Georgetown vicinity) and build church to accommodate larger congregation size
Acquire land surrounding current building to facilitate parking needs (short term) and building expansion (long term)
Start a new church in a location outside of Georgetown (traditional church plant)
10) How important is to you that children remain in the first part of the service *
Not Important
Very Important
11) In order to do with ongoing parking constraints, are you willing and/or able to park further offsite (Dominion Seed Gardens, Georgetown District High School etc) without the assistance of a shuttle? *
12) Are you a member of MABC? *
13) Are there any comments or suggestions that you would like the expansion team to be made aware of?
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