Survey Questionnaire for General Contractors
My name is Brittanie Campbell-Turner; I'm currently researching the problems experienced construction managers face on a daily basis. If you could answer a few questions, I'd greatly appreciate it, and I'd be happy to share the results with you.
What is your role within your company?
What activities take up most of your time during a proposal, but don't add a lot of value or thought leadership? *
(Please be specific. ) * Example: "combining different versions of documents due to a loss of version control" is a much better answer than "version control."
What tasks do you wish you could stop doing so that you could provide more value to your client? *
Examples: P6 CPM Scheduling, Payment Applications, Preparing Bulletins, Data Entry, etc.
From the "planning phase” to the "close out phase" of a construction project, what are your biggest problems that you face while running the business side of your company - Internal operations? External Operations, in providing for your clients? *
Examples: Design, Procurement, Cost Estimating, Bid Proposal Preparation, Planning & Scheduling, Acquiring Sub Contractors, Accounting, etc.
Starting from them “Requests for Information” through the "Change Order" process, what tasks do you have to preform? How long do they take? *
What software do you generally use during your project management, procurement, and cost managment ? Does it work well? How? Any frustrations with it? Has there ever been anything you've looked for but couldn't find? *
Examples: Sharepoint, excel, prolog, etc. Software you've looked for but couldn't find may include specific functions.
Is there any process where there’s duplicate data entry? *
Is there anything else these questions brought to mind that you would like to share?
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(optional: I would only use it to follow up with you on answers and share the final results with you).
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