In-person Ecojustice class (gr. 6-8) registration
At the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto. 10:15 to 11:45 a.m., on days when Sunday school is offered.
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Please fill out the CYRE registration form first.
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Guidelines for in-person Ecojustice class
All state and county regulations must be followed. In addition:

• Families must pre-register each month, because county regulations require a three-week commitment with no other after-school activity. Sorry, no drop-ins.
• Registration form will include contact information, medical/safety permission form, and permission to take temperature.
• Attendance taken at each class.
• If a student or teacher is diagnosed with COVID, we will halt the class while we consult with the appropriate county health authority.

• Classes limited to 10 people, e.g.,  7 students and 3 teachers.
• Classes held outdoors only, on the covered patio and nearby areas.
• Masks worn by all persons at all times.
• Seating maintains six feet distance between people.
• All class activities maintain six feet of distance between people at all times.
• Classes to take place during daylight hours.
• Handouts or other items to be distributed to be left on seats or work stations before class, not distributed during class.
• The bathrooms next to the office would be used. Only one person allowed in a bathroom at a time.
• Water: Participants bring their own water bottle. Water bottles placed in an area away from main class area. One person at a time may go to the designated area to drink water.
• No other food or drink allowed, so masks can stay on at all times. Because of no snacks, class time limited to 90 minutes or less.

• One supervisor on campus; supervisor does not participate in the class.
• Parents drop off and pick up students directly from their cars at the walkway between the covered patio and Room 10. One drop-off at a time.
• Supervisor monitors drop-off and pick-up. Supervisor may check temperature using a no-touch thermometer before student leaves the car. Teachers may have temperature taken before entering class area. Anyone with raised temperature not allowed to enter class area.
• Parents may wait on campus but they must remain separate from the class, e.g., waiting in the parking area, and they must wear masks when out of their own vehicle.
• Supervisor will keep non-class participants from coming into contact with class. Parents who wish to observe the class must arrange with the MRE ahead of time, for everyone’s safety.

• Teachers and staff will have training in these guidelines before starting their duties.
• Zero tolerance for not wearing mask, not observing social distancing, and/or not following teacher instructions relating to health and safety. Any violation could result in the teen leaving the class group immediately, and the supervisor calling their parents for immediate pick-up. In serious cases, the teen would not be permitted to attend class again.

Parents: I read the guidelines above, & we'll comply with them. *
Parent: I'll sign the Permission Form, and email a copy to UUCPA, or bring a printed copy to the first class. *
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