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As new (and existing!) volunteers come forward looking for tasks that allow them to participate in the work of the Church, it is helpful for them to know the information requested below in the form, for example: eg who is in charge and can help them get started? what are the objectives of the workgroup? what availability or particular skills are preferred. Please let us write our invitations to participate with this in mind.

Volunteer leaders and convenors already in post, can help others, by describing their own jobs. In love and friendship in our Church family, new and old volunteers are invited to participate in the work of the church, where we can share fellowship, make new friends, apply our talents and learn new skills. A&P warmly welcomes all to the fold of our friendly and spiritual ministry.

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Job Description
Job title: (eg “member of ushering committee”; assistant/helper for jewellery table) *
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Describe timeframe of the job, eg one Saturday? or 2 years on a work group? How often do you meet and what days/times? When is the work carried out? *
Describe preferred assets of applicants – eg editing skills useful; use of car; familiar with spread sheets; Biblical scholarship, must be an Elder to do this job? Must be a Member to do this job? Etc. *
Describe any learning opportunities that you or your team might teach or support. *
When a volunteer expresses interest, who should be contacted, and how?
Name of leader/convenor/potential mentor? *
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Please provide any comments and suggestions you may have for this form. Thank you for your input!
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