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This request form is for use by individuals or groups requesting funding for a program or event to benefit the students and/or staff at Central Elementary School. Please take your time to fill out the form in its entirety and provide as much detail as possible. This application will be reviewed by the Central PTO Board and used to determine funding allocations. If any fields do not apply, please type N/A.
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Please describe at length why you are requesting the funds and what the funds will be used for. Please be very specific and provide details.
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How will this program/event benefit the students and/or staff of Central Elementary School? *
Please use this response to explain the 'need' for funding and how this program/event will benefit the students and/or staff of Central Elementary School. This is your opportunity to show the value of this funding.
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Please specify any other source(s) of funding. Also include details of any funding plans or alternatives (e.g. students will raise a portion of the funding via a bake sale; program is pursuing a state grant; district will match PTO funds)
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Please indicate any remittance instructions, including the date by which funding must be received.
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