2020-2021 School of Choice: 1st Semester Application
This application and requested documentation can only be submitted to SCC RESA between July 6 and July 20, 2020. A separate application form must be completed for each student under the Schools of Choice State Aid Act of 1996, P.A. 300, Sections 105 and 105c.
Student Last Name: *
Student First Name: (First and Middle) *
Student Date of Birth *
Contact Parent/Guardian Phone Number *
Grade student is entering in Fall 2020 *
Which school district do you reside in? *
Which school is your student currently scheduled to attend in your resident district: *
Which School of Choice district are you applying to attend? *
Which building in the above School of Choice District are you requesting for your student? *
Is there an alternative School of Choice building you prefer if the above is unavailable? *
Does the student of choice student already have a sibling attending the requested School of Choice Building? *
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