Request for Food Delivery
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If you are in need of emergency food aid, please fill out the form below.

Please Note:

1. We desire to serve all of Montgomery County, but during times of particularly high demand, we may need to prioritize deliveries to the following zip codes:

- 20814
- 20815
- 20816
- 20825
- 20895
- 20902
- 20906
- 20910

Thanks in advance for your understanding. You can find information on other area food resources at:

- Montgomery County Food Assistance Resource Map

- Montgomery County COVID-19: Food Resources Information

2. We deliver on Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays. Please limit your request to one delivery per address per week.

3. We primarily distribute non-perishable items such as:

- rice, pasta
- canned vegetables and fruit, applesauce
- canned tuna or chicken, canned or dried beans, nuts, nut butters
- breakfast cereal, oatmeal, granola bars

4. Also, limited amount of feminine hygiene, toothpaste, toilet paper, and other non-food items are available upon request, on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. You need to fill out the form each week you want a delivery.

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Phone Number(s) (More than one may be entered.) *
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What's your address? If needed, please include apt #. If there are multiple families at your address, please provide a name to help us differentiate. First name only is fine. *
What zip code are you in? *
How many household members are you feeding? *
Does someone in your family attend MCPS? If so, which school? *
A limited amount of feminine hygiene and other non-food items are available upon request, on a first-come, first-served basis. Let us know if you need anything like this and please specify.
Did you receive any delivery from Here2Help in the last 7 days? *
Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies? *
If you have received food from us before, are there any items that you received that you did not/could not use?
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