OG Coil Cable GB Order Form
This is the order form for OG Coil Cables

What are OG Coil Cables? These cables aim to mimic the look and feel of the coiled cables on vintage keyboards while being able to be used on modern boards. Thick wire combined with smooth factory coils give an aesthetic like no other.

There will be three colors of cables available utilizing the RAL color codes 4010(magenta) 7044(beige) and 9005(black), which will all be shown below. The colors can also be seen at https://www.ralcolorchart.com/
Each color has an MOQ of 100 units
The available terminations for these cables include USB A, USB B, USB Mini, USB Micro, USB C, unterminated, and others available on request. Type C is 2.0 only.
All colors of heatshrink available on my normal cables will be available for these cables.
The exact dimensions of the cables can be seen in the diagram lower down.

Please submit the form once for each cable you want, my scraper can only deal with single item submissions.

Pricing is $21 for terminated cables, $14 for unterminated cables. Odd or custom terminations may increase the price, this will be discussed before invoicing.
Shipping is via USPS First Class, upgraded to Priority for large/heavy orders.
Shipping will be calculated based on your given address when invoices are sent.

Sample Cable
RAL 4010 - Magenta
RAL 7044 - Beige
RAL 9005 - Black
Which color OG Coil Cable would you like? *
Which connector for side 1? *
L2, long side, probably goes to your PC/hub, probably USB A. Elaborate below if you choose "Other"
Which connector for side 2? *
L1, short side, probably plugs into your board. Elaborate below if you choose "Other"
Which heatshrink for your cable? *
Heatshrink colors can be seen at https://donutcables.com/options/
Comments/Other Info
Fill this out if you choose "Other" above, also use this for comments/questions. You can also use this to request adjustments to the length of your cable, limited to shortening the straight parts, length cannot be added to either end. If ordering more than one cable, please submit the form for each cable. DO NOT REQUEST MORE CABLES HERE, SUBMIT THE FORM AGAIN
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Reddit/GH/DT/Discord user/nick *
For easier communication during the GB/fulfillment period.
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FULL PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS for shipping calculation, name not required. DO NOT PUT YOUR EMAIL HERE
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