Dr. Rubin's Mini Medical School Summer Experience Program Registration
This program in designed as an introduction of healthcare sciences for students who have completed 8th grade (in other words are now high school freshman) through college freshman (in other words have just graduated high school).  Students in 5th through 8th grades can apply for our summer middle school program on using this link:  https://forms.gle/5WHzBPu5b8NgxBdm9   The purpose of this program is to provide students the experience and information needed for them to determine if the student wants to pursue a career in healthcare. 

We are offering the program twice: once on Saturday June 22 and again on Sunday June 23. Both days are identical. The program  starts  at 9:00 AM and ends at 6 PM. 

This summer program is very intense. Dr Rubin will lecture in the 3rd floor auditorium on the following topics:
1- Introduction and the History of Medicine
2- Biochemistry
3- Genetics
4- Histology
5- Anatomy
6- Neuro science Introduction to the Patient
8- The Physical Exam
9- Pharmacology
10- Microbiology
11- Pathology
12- The Clinical Rotations
13- Psych
14- Anesthesia
15- Surgery
16- Radiology
17- Medicine
18- OB - Gyne
19- Pediatrics

Students then go to the Heart Hospital conference rooms to rotate through "experiences" for 3 to 3 1/2 hours then return to the auditorium for a final presentation on health careers. Upon leaving each student will receive a certificate.

This program is appropriate for any student interested or exploring a in a career in healthcare.
Unlike our winter program, students are accepted on a first come first served basis. There is no essay, counselor form, or recommendation. All we need is this form, a parent consent and a program fee.

To apply, simply:.
Step 1 - Submit this form online. 
Step 2 - Once submitted a pop up screen shows a link to download a consent form. IF you don't see that, you can download the same form from our website using the button next to the application button.
Step 3 - Mail or email a copy of your consent form. Then mail your program fee to Dr Rubin 1012 95th St. Suite 7, Naperville IL 60565 OR Zelle your program fee to Dr Rubin's Phone Number: 6308655075 which will be identified at IRA because Dr Rubin's first name is Ira. 

The program fee is $300 and includes all materials needed to participate, t-shirt, drinks, snacks, light cheese 
pizza lunch and the program certificate.  We will email you once we receive your program fee, whether by mail or Zelle. The program fee will be deposited when we email you a confirmation..  If a student decides to withdraw from the program for any reason, we will refund that student $250 as long as we are notified by June 1st, 2024. IF you Zelle the program fee and we don't have a spot for your student, the entire fee will be sent back by Zelle.
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Welcome to Dr Rubin's  MIni Medical School Summer Experience Program.  Ready to apply?  Not sure.  Click on the video to learn more.
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Once all required fields are completed you will be able to press the submit button to send us your initial application. This form will not send if all fields are not completed. A message will pop up once the form is saved. If you don't see that message, you have not completed all required fields.  The pop up message has a link for you to download your parent permission form.  Print the form and mail it to us with the program fee. It is your responsibility to make sure we get the parent consent and program fee. Please keep in mind that we will accept students on a first come first served basis. Submitting this form does not guarantee we have space for you. We will email you once we get the parent form and program fee. 
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