The Interactive Garden
Hi there! Thank you for your interest in a PX3 Pollinator Habitat! Before we start, we want to make sure our potential clients know how we approach each of our projects. We are not your average landscapers. As land managers, stewardship coordinators, permaculture designers, watershed stewards, and naturalists; our broad natural resource perspective means we can provide a balanced design that invites and encourages a wide variety of sustainable and regenerative ways to interact with your new habitat.

Our gardens are holistically designed with 8 criteria to provide maximum benefits to people and pollinators. We design aesthetically pleasing gardens, as formal or as wild as you want.

1) native bee overwintering sites (customized based on fruit & veg preferences)
2) three flowering species per season, minimum nine types
3) flower shapes to include - umbel, tubular, cluster
4) butterfly host plants
5) beetle banks
6) shelter - evergreens, grasses, logs
7) people plants - food, fuel, fiber, medicine
8) water, if feasible

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