2016 Love of Home Reader Survey
I created this survey so that I can bring you the best of Love of Home this year.
Thank you so much for taking the time to complete it!
What are your top TWO favorite post topics to read?
How often do you visit Love of Home?
Do you subscribe to Love of Home? (get our emails)
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How often do you open your Love of Home email?
How often do you click through from a Love of Home email to the blog?
Do you like getting a daily email or would you prefer a once a week option with all my posts for that week? (I'm working on an option so you can get my posts weekly, if you prefer).
If you'd like to receive a weekly email, what day do you prefer?
Do you follow Love of Home on any social media? (Check all that apply)
If you are on Pinterest, do you pin from Love of Home?
Is there anything don't you like about the blog?
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What can I improve on so that you enjoy it more?
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Have you ever made a recipe or tried a project that I have shared?
If you answered yes, how did the recipe or project turn out?
Would you purchase an ebook? If you answered yes, on what topic?
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What's the one area of your life you'd like to improve?
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Is there one thing related to your home you could use help with?
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Do you like the layout of Love of Home?
If not, what can I do to improve the layout?
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Anything you would like to know about me or the blog? Feel free to ask here!
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Thank you so much! I look forward to reading your answers and improving Love of Home this year!
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