ICAPGen Study Group interest list
Please use this form to express your interest in joining an ICAPGen Study Group.

When a study group is available that fits your preferences you will be contacted.

ICAPGen Study Groups help you prepare for accreditation through online interactive meetings and homework assignments. Meetings are generally held twice per month for up to six months.

More information (including requirements): http://www.icapgen.org/icapgen-study-groups/
Please note: Study group organization and availability is subject to change.

Please send any additional questions to StudyGroup@ICAPGen.org

Successfully complete steps 1-4 on the ICAPGen "Apply to Become an AG® Professional" web page. *
Completion includes watching a presentation, reading the application guide, reviewing a list of record types for familiarity, and affirming you have the required hours of experience. Do not proceed to step 5. Do not pay your fee. Participation in this study group will help you ensure you are ready to submit your four-generation report (step 6), and the fee should not be paid until you know you are ready to submit that project. http://www.icapgen.org/apply-to-become-an-ag-professional/
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