Thy Geekdom Con 2020 AMV Contest Submission
We are looking to host an AMV Contest for the first time at Thy Geekdom Con! Send us your best AMVS and let the contest begin!
Technical Guidelines
- Video is at least 720 x 480 resolution (higher Res recomended)
- A minimum of 24 fps (30 fps recomended)
- File is either MP4, MPEG 2, or AVI
- File to be named "your name - video title - category"
- Drama
- Comedy
- Romance
- Horror
- Upbeat
- Action
- Each contestant is allowed to submit two (2) submissions. Each submission must be in separate categories.
- Do not include studio lead in or lead out bumpers. We will make sure to give you and your studio proper credit.
- Your submission must use footage from anime or video games. We will not be accepting live action at this time.
- The source material must be from an anime series.
- Original Audio may not exceed 15 seconds but is not preferred.
- Video can not contain any watermarks.
- Video can not contain original subtitles from the source materials. Original text is allowed.
- Submission must be longer than 30 seconds. There is no maximum length.
- Video will not contain nudity
- Video will not contain explicit language. You may use edited versions of songs with such language.
- Videos will not contain excessive violence.
- Video can not contain video from the music video from the song or trailers.
- Video is not to be plagiarized from another studio. This will result in an automatic disqualification.
- Convention attendance is not required for submission.
- Convention reserves the right to reject a submission on any grounds.

*If you have any questions please contact us.
All submissions must be entered prior to May 1st 2020 at 11:59 pm.
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