Cotton buds and you
Suez launches a major survey to better understand the use of cotton buds across the world. A two minutes long questionnaire has been prepared we would be grateful you take time to complete.
In addition, we encourage you in forwarding it to people around you as it will help gathering important data.
1. How many cotton buds do you use per week ? *
1 à 10
10 à 20
hygiene of the ears
manicure or pedicure
objects cleaning
medical purposes
scratching your ears
If you have a choice, what kind of cotton buds would you buy ? *
Why this choice ? *
Disposal - Where do you throw it ? *
Mixed waste bin
Recycle bin
On the ground
Through the window
Plastics are invading our seas. 800 cotton buds are sold every second across the world. How can a cotton buds reach our seas? Help us identifying the journey of such common thing and reduce our impact on the environment
Photo : Justin Hoffman
Do you know if cotton buds can be found on beaches in your country ? *
In your opinion, how can cotton buds reach the seas ? *
Are you upset finding cotton buds in the nature ? *
In your opinion, why do people throw litter in the environment ? *
In general, would you say that, on a daily basis, you are or are not attentive to favor actions that protect the environment ? *
Not attentive at all
Moderately attentive
Very attentive
At home
During holidays
In public places
At work
At your friends
Do you have a remark, comment, or opinion ?
Your answer
Who are you ? *
Your age group ? *
Country of residence ? *
Do you work at Suez ? *
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