MD4SG Working Groups, Fall 2020
There are five existing MD4SG working groups which plan to continue operating this year: Bias and Fairness, Development, Global Perspectives on Inequality, Data Economies, and Environment and Climate. A new group is also starting on Civic Participation. For information about the interests and recent activities of each group, please see the working group web pages at

These working groups meet biweekly to present work, discuss ideas, and identify directions where MD4SG-inspired research could be used to tackle problems in real-world application domains. Please read the associated email with this form to understand the expectations from each working group member and let us know if you have any thoughts or questions.

If you would like to either join a group for the first time or switch from the group you are currently in, please fill out this survey. There is no need to fill it out if you want to stay in your current group. The MD4SG leadership and working group coordinators will decide new members to accept for each group based on the fit between prospective members' interests and the working group's plans for the upcoming year.
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