Winter Series Feedback Form
This survey is designed to help WYART build programming that gives students the most out of their time in rehearsals and onsite. We want to know what 'worked' and how to improve our programming to help give the students the best educational and production possible.
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Registration & Marketing
This section of questions is directed at the Registration Process.
How did you hear about the productions & auditions? Please check all that apply.
On a scale of 1 to 10 How would you rate the registration process?
The auditions being held prior to the start of the rehearsal process helped students understand casting decisions?
Made it very difficult
Made it very easy
Casting decisions and scripts were sent in a timely fashion?
Rehearsals & Communication
This section will address your experiences with communication from the stage managers & directors, as well as your general experience on the rehearsal process.
Rehearsal Schedules were easy to understand and follow.
Very Difficult
Very Easy
I understood who to speak with if I had questions.
Communications from the Stage Managers, Directors or Theatre Education Directors were:
What suggestions do you have to help improve experience with the communication aspect of the rehearsal process?
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Please help us continue to grow our audience! If you know of any places we can extend our marketing please share!
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Student Experience
This section of questions is directed at improving our student's experience.
What skills would you say you (your student) have improved during this rehearsal process? *
Would you say you had fun while in rehearsals?
Is there anything you might like to change about the rehearsal process?
What would have made this an even better experience?
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Did your experience in this production make you curious about taking more theatre classes or being in future productions?
What shows would you be interested in performing in in the future?
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Did you feel the shows chosen were
Strongly Agree
Somewhat Agree
Somewhat Disagree
Strongly Disagree
Educationally beneficial
Allowed for more featured roles
Allowed more opprtunities for students to shine
Were worth the tuition expense
Were written in language age appropriate, or adjusted to be more age appropriate
Were at the right levels for student experience
Please share anything else you feel might help us improve the experience and process.
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