WWTR Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Blue Skies mission to change the lives of combat-injured warriors and fallen hero families.

Here’s some important information to know:

Blue Skies is 100% volunteer, nobody gets paid. This means that most everyone has full-time jobs, kids, busy lives etc. It’s a big deal if someone is willing to volunteer and we appreciate it. Fact is, we couldn’t do our mission without volunteers.
Blue Skies is intentionally set up to engage anyone that wants to add value and support our mission to change lives. We want the public to be part of the giving back and welcome your participation.

Blue Skies is blessed with an enormous volunteer base, which continues to grow. Nearly all our volunteers are pulled into the Blue Skies by someone already involved in Blue Skies. Each person typically takes the time to figure out all the moving parts and finds a place they can jump in and use their passions and talents.

Want to get involved…come to one of our many fundraising events and meet people, better yet, come to one of our monthly meetings posted on our social media. These meetings are often attended by our alumni and are as much about the social aspect and fellowship as the planning. We are always expanding the Blue Skies Family.

The reality is, you are going to have to take initiative and be proactive if you want to be part of Blue Skies. We don’t have paid staff, just volunteers, doing what they can. Get plugged in and find a place to fit in.

Feel free to provide your basic contact information and provide any comments on what talents or ideas you might have to offer, we’ll do our best to have our volunteer coordinator reach out and engage you. Please come to anything Blue Skies has going on and become part of our family.

Blue Skies!

David Hart, Founder

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