The Berkeley Bayit Application 2021-2022
Please fill out this form to apply to live at the Berkeley Bayit, Berkeley's coolest (and only) Jewish coop!

"The Berkeley Bayit is intended to provide its residents with more than a Jewish living experience. The Bayit hosts a dynamic and challenging environment whose objective is to stimulate personal growth, commitment to the Jewish traditions and community, and to encourage an active role in the Berkeley Jewish Community." - Bayit Statement of Purpose

We will be accepting new house members on a rolling basis until all spots are filled. Interviews will be held whenever possible, based on Bayitnik and applicant availability. Once you apply, a member of the Bayit will reach out to you with more information about visiting the house and scheduling an interview date.

Contact us with questions! Text Dan at 8583668366 or email us at, or send us a message on our Facebook page
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Short Essay Question (200-500 words suggested): A large part of our mission as a house is collaboration to create community and warmth, and develop Jewish leadership and community building skills, which we accomplish through hosting events for Jewish students who are not house residents ("Bayitniks") and other house activities in which we expect Bayitniks to take part. What do you want to learn or gain from living in the Bayit? How do you see yourself contributing to the Bayit? How do you see yourself helping the house to contribute to the Jewish Community? *
Any other ideas/things you'd like to see from the house?
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