Woods Flock Snow Day 2022 Survey
Woods Flock's winter meet will be a day to play in the snow of the Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the weekend of Jan 22nd, 2022 (when decided, event times will be in Eastern). This event is free, however some optional activities may cost extra. As this is a one day event, there will be NO accommodations arranged, however this is a beautiful area and fun opportunity for a vacation so if you are interested in staying overnight you may like to use our telegram (t.me/woodsflock) to look for room & ride shares. This is a popular destination so you will want to make reservations in advance, though we tried to choose a less busy weekend.

Please remember this is outside and will be cold! You should dress in warm, waterproof layers including hat, gloves, and boots.  Also stay hydrated - while we will have a water cooler you should still bring your own water bottle and snacks if you want.

By filling out this form, you are agreeing to abide by the WF Code of Conduct (some points may not be applicable to this one-day event; contact woodsflock@gmail.com with any questions):

1. Be kind, to everyone and everything. That means no violence, harassment (verbal or physical), theft, or vandalism will be tolerated.
2. Leave wildlife alone! That includes not feeding wild animals.
3. Practice cleanliness. No littering, take care of your trash/recycling/dishes appropriately. Utilize the restroom & shower facilities for their designated functions!
4. Park quiet hours are 10pm to 6am. That is not a curfew, it just means no one but the people right next to you should be able to hear you.
5. Employ proper fire management. Only heat-treated firewood is allowed into (or purchased from) the park, but downed wood may be collected from the immediate vicinity. Fires should be attended at all times and fully extinguished when done with.
6. Please no pets in public use areas, other than on trails. They must be leashed or otherwise contained at all times and cannot be left unattended at camp sites, per park policy.  Service animals are allowed.
7. No smoking in the campground/pavilion, or other public-use areas. If you must smoke, please go to the treeline across from the parking lot, and throw your cigarette butts in the trash. Vaping is permitted in the open air but please be respectful of your fellow campers.
8. No alcohol is permitted in public areas of the park, however attendees 21 and older may consume it within the campground as long as they do not leave it out where minors may access it.
9. No firearms are allowed within the park, unless you have a permit, and even then must be kept unloaded and properly stored. We ask attendees not to bring weapons at all, but we will not attempt searches.
10. Please keep adult material, including mature costumes or fetish gear, to private property (ie within tents/vehicles/campers). Woods Flock is an all ages/ family friendly event.  Although we hope it goes without saying, RSOs and other offenders are not welcome.

Please do not come to our event if you are positive for Covid or experiencing symptoms of illness! This is an outdoor event but face coverings are welcomed and will specifically be required inside the pavilion. We also hope attendees will choose to be vaccinated at least 1 month in advance. The core group hosting the event are vaccinated.

This is an At Your Own Risk event and Woods Flock cannot be held responsible for any illness or injury that may occur. In the case of first aid being necessary, there will be a kit & FR on site plus the park itself has a first aid station.
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Are you interested in a skiing/snowboard day as well?
This would take place on the adjoining Saturday or Sunday to the Snow Day and cost extra. https://obergatlinburg.com/skiing-snowboarding-tickets/ ~ Group rates may be possible with enough interest (https://obergatlinburg.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Winter-Group-Rate-2021-22.pdf)
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Thanks for taking our survey! We hope to see you next year!
Remember to follow @woodsflock on social media; Registration is also open for the main Spring camp (Apr 1-3), details on our website woodsflock.com
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