The Sebastopol Inn - what do you think?
The Sebastopol Inn - Change of Use to Single Dwelling Planning Application survey - The owners say many things and some are listed below - Your views are important so that Minting and Gautby Parish Councill can use them to evidence objections to the application.
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Would you like to see the pub owned by experienced, enthusiastic and friendly publicans who understand, and are active members of, the the local community?
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The owners say that they did everything they could to make the Sebastopol Inn successful and the community doesn't want the pub. What do you think?
If the Sebastapol were run as a traditional rural pub by friendly and welcoming publicans, serving good food at reasonable prices, with ancillary services (e.g. takeaway food) would you use the pub? If so, how often do you think you would use it?" *
Do you think the current owners had the combination of skills needed to run a successful country pub in a small village? *
The owners say that the community haven't supported the pub. What do you think? *
The owners say that Minting Village Hall competes with the pub. What do you think? *
What was your opinion of the Sebastopol Inn when you visited? *
The owners say that the recent community bid failed because of lack of support and interest from the locals. What do you think? *
In your opinion what makes a good country pub? *
Do you support or object to Change of Use Application? *
If you support the Change of Use Application please can you provide your reasons. *
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