AAS Band Instrument Rental 2018-2019
Step 1: Complete this online registration and agree to the instrument rental terms and conditions.

Step 2: Get an instrument rental payment slip from Mr. O or Mr. Leon (MS/HS), or Mr. Wolf (ES).

Step 3: Get approval signature from Mr. Leon.

Step 4: Take the completed payment slip to the AAS cashier for rental payment.

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Rental Policy
The instruments that are rented out are in good condition and in good working order. Normal wear of the instrument and accessories is expected, however students are expected to take good care of their rented instrument.

I agree to see that the instrument loaned to my child is properly cared for and returned when requested. I agree to pay the rental fee of $225 as set by the Anglo-American School of Moscow for the 2018-2019 school year. This fee covers basic maintenance and normal wear of the instrument only. The fee will not apply to any major repair or replacement costs should the instrument become damaged, lost, or stolen.

In case of loss or any damage to the instrument while loaned to my child, I will immediately notify the instructor. I understand that no repairs are to be undertaken without the express permission of my child’s music instructor.

I further agree to pay for the repair and/or replacement of the instrument should my child intentionally damage the instrument or does not maintain it properly (gross negligence). Students should not lend or rent the instrument to another person. Lastly, I agree that if it is determined that there is gross negligence of any kind the instrument will be returned on demand to the instructor without recourse or refund.

The list below outlines exactly what is rented to the students based on the instrument chosen and what is expected to be returned in full working order:

- Head joint, two body joints
- Cleaning rod

- Mouthpiece, ligature and mouthpiece cap
- Clarinet barrel, two body joints
- Cork grease
- 2 reeds (not returned)

- Mouthpiece, ligature and mouthpiece cap
- Saxophone body and neck
- Neck strap
- Cork grease
- 2 reeds (not returned)

- Oboe body
- Cork grease
- 2 reeds

- Bassoon body joints
- 2 bocals
- Cork grease
- Cleaning swab
- 2 reeds

Trumpet, French horn, Euphonium, Tuba
- 1 mouthpiece
- Instrument body
- Valve oil and slide grease

- 1 mouthpiece
- Instrument body
- Slide oil and slide grease

Percussion kit
- 1 set of drum sticks
- 1 set of glockenspiel mallets
- 1 practice pad
- 1 glockenspiel
- 1 glockenspiel stand

I have read the rental policy and agree to abide by these set conditions. *
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