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An advisor is any volunteer or consultant of the NAIGC Board who does not have full voting abilities, although they are permitted to vote within their respective committees. All advisors are appointed by the Board of Directors via majority vote, and may be appointed at any time during the year. There is no limit to the amount of advisors the board can appoint. Advisor appointments will be announced starting June 10th and then on a rolling basis as necessary.

When preparing your submission, please keep in mind that while we are glad there are so many willing to volunteer their time to the NAIGC, operational constraints mean we cannot bring all of you into our small organization.

Typically, successful applicants demonstrate a strong desire to contribute to a specific project. We appreciate the many applicants who want to give back to the NAIGC, but without concrete examples of how they would like to contribute, it can be difficult for the board to identify where they will fit well in our organization.

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Would you like to apply for a one year term or two? There are a total of 4 two year term spots that will be given to the highest approved candidates who applied for two year terms. If you apply for a two year term, are approved, but do not receive one of the 4 two year terms, you will receive a one year term. *
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If you are just interested in working on a single project or role (i.e. only interested in programming on the Technology committee), your application may be evaluated just by that committee or chair. Is your goal to be involved with full board discussions, or do plan to to contribute to single project or task?
If we are unable to take you on as an Advisor this year, would you still be interested in assisting as a volunteer on-site during Nationals 2019? We will save your contact information and reach out for Nationals-specific information later in the year. (This answer will not affect your general advisor application or ability to be elected to a full advisor role)
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