BYOD Student User Agreement
Students and their families may elect to OPT-OUT of the Twinsburg City School District’s (TCSD) Chromebook Initiative 1:1 program within the TCSD but will be responsible for providing their own electronic device each day. The Twinsburg City School District is not responsible for any damage or loss associated with a personally owned device. Electronic devices must comply with the following requirements:

Ability to access Wi-Fi network

Access full web-browsing capabilities via the Google Chrome Browser, including Google Drive & all Google Applications

Have a cover or case that can be closed at a staff member's discretion

Have a 8-10 hour/full-day charge capability

Cell phones are not compliant devices for the purposes of this policy

Students who elect to opt-out of the TCSD Chromebook Initiative understand that content on personal devices that are brought into school or access the school’s network must comply with the Student Acceptable Use Policy. Violations of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

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