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During this unprecedented and uncertain time, we at the Great Books Foundation want to provide as much support as we can to teachers, parents, and administrators who are trying to navigate the ever-changing landscape of our current situation. As a nonprofit educational organization, we are committed to continuing to help educators and parents keep their students engaged and learning.

Note: We will do our best to fulfill requests, but we reserve the right to limit requests. You may expect to receive a reply the following business day.

In response to your request for Great Books Plus digital materials, please complete this form. We'll get back to you soon. In the meantime, if you are new to Junior Great Books, please learn more at: If you use Junior Great Books, but have never used our digital platform, please learn more at:
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As a nonprofit organization, we are looking for support to provide online access to more students and classrooms. Are you able to pay a nominal fee for these resources?
Would you like teacher:student collaboration enabled? With collaboration, each student will be able to share annotations and notes with their teacher. Also, the students will be able to submit work pages to their teacher. Note, if you choose this option, there are extra set-up steps. If you don't need collaboration, choose No and set up will be quicker. *
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