MKB Law Mortgage Mis-selling Enquiry Form
Thank you for your enquiry to our Claims Department. Please complete the following form to provide us with information about your issue. When you submit, this form will be sent to our team to review and someone will be in contact with you to discuss. Please note that all information is strictly confidential.
1. Your Name *
2. Contact Telephone Number *
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4. Your Home Address *
5. Your Occupation *
6. Circumstances in which a re-mortgage or secured loan was sought and the date of the mortgage? *
7. What type of mortgage was it? *
8. Did you obtain the mortgage directly from a bank or building society, or use a broker? *
9. If a broker, how did you come across the firm and who did you speak to? *
10. What were your financial arrangements beforehand in terms of earnings, benefits, mortgage payments, rent etc... *
11. What were you advised to do when you explained your situation? *
12. What action was taken - was the application submitted online in your presence or not in your presence? *
13. How much was advanced and what were the required repayments? *
14. What were you told about how you would repay the mortgage? *
15. When did you encounter difficulties repaying the mortgage? How much were you paying on rent/mortgage before taking out the mortgage, and how much were you paying after? *
16. Were you forced to move house, if so, what were the costs? What legal expenses did you incur and did you spend anything on home improvements which you have now lost benefit of? *
17. What is the current position ie: re-possession or threat of re-possession. Are there any ways in which you could hope to repay the mortgage? *
18. How did you hear about MKB Law? *
Important Information
It is important that you talk to a solicitor as soon as you believe you may have been mis-sold a mortgage - please fill in this form as accurately as possible and submit to us. Please note that provision of this form does not constitute an instruction of our Firm, it is simply the provision of information supporting an enquiry. Upon receipt of this form we shall respond to your enquiry as soon as possible to advise you if we can assist you. In the absence of a consultation and formal instruction on our terms and conditions we shall not be taking any steps to protect limitation or provide you with advice. Your personal data will be treated with confidence and you may request that we remove your data from our database at any time. Please note: The Law Society of Northern Ireland does not permit us to act on your behalf on a “no-win no-fee” basis.
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