Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Rush Application UOIT/DC
This is the Tau Kappa Epsilon Rush Application. Please fill it out to the most accurate information you have. This information is intended to give us a better idea about who your are and what the best options are for you. This online application shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to complete, and is a requirement of our recruitment process. If you have any questions, please message our Recruitment Chair or ask on our Facebook group.
Email address *
First Name *
Last Name *
Age & Birthday *
(Age, MM/DD/YY)
Please list a short biography about yourself. *
Tell us a little bit about what kind of person you are.
What Institution do you go? *
Are you attending UOIT or Durham College during the school year?
What program are you taking (If at Durham College please state what program in 'other')? *
What field of study or faculty are you enrolled in?
What is your current year of study you are entering as of September 2017? *
Year 1, 2 etc?
What is your current GPA or High School Average? *
TKE likes to ensure that all of our members maintain a high GPA throughout their post-secondary education.
Are you currently employed? If so, where are you working? If not, please state so. *
What store, company, restaurant, etc..., do you work at? Part-time or full time?
Do you live on residence or commute? *
Where are you living for the school year?
Do you have access to a car? *
Do you live on campus and have a car, or commute with one?
If you own a car, please state what type. Indicate again if you don't. *
Company, model, year, etc.
What sort of phone do you use? *
We use social media and smart phones for the majority of communications. Data Plan is recommended.
Contact number with area code (Cell only, no landline). *
This will help us reach you easily.
What email address can we contact you at? *
Please provide your email address, but NOT a UOIT/DC MyCampus one.
Any extra-curricular involvement? *
TKE runs a number of fundraising and charity events throughout the school year to give back to the community.
What kind of hobbies do you participate in? *
What are some of your interests and passions in life?
Do you play any sports? If so, which sports? *
TKE maintains an impressive amount of athletic teams.
What is the reason you want to join TKE? *
What sort of experience or benefits are you looking for? What are your expectations?
Are you able to come to Meetings on Sundays 7pm-9pm? *
We have weekly mandatory meetings during the school year. Can you make them?
Are you able to come to Member Education on Sundays 4pm-5:30pm? *
Member education is the weekly class and seminar that all new potential members must attend.
Do you acknowledge that we have yearly membership fees (Approx $550 over 12 months)? *
These fees pay for our events, sports equipment, trips, activities, parties etc. A more specific breakdown will be explained during information nights.
Can you afford and pay this membership fee? *
These fees pay for all of our activities and events, insurance and headquarter fees.
How did you hear about TKE?
Are you excited and looking forward to Rush and Frosh? *
Are you aware that you must attend a minimum of 4 rush events (out of 12) and one Information Night in order to be considered for a bid? *
We require that our members be commited to our Fraterntiy and are able to attend events, functions and meetings.
Any comments or concerns?
We want to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Please do not hesitate to talk to any of our members if you have any questions.
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