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You can order a toy version from SuperNfty on any NFT, as long as it could fit the standing-on-two-legs-template as seen above. The price is 0.4 Eth with 50% off if you own an Imp or a Floating Head. You'll find the AR files and 3D print files in the unlockables so you can display them in every MetaVerse. SuperNfty will give priority to Imps and Floating Head collectors.

This application form is valid for SuperToys, Designer Apes & Designer Cats.

Disclaimer: SuperNfty retains the right to refuse service for any reason. We are not affiliated with any of the mentioned collections. For commissioning a derivative you must own the proper commercial rights to do so. It is your responsibility to figure out whether or not you do. The results will be optimised for AR, but not necessarily for 3D printing, depending on the complexity.
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When it's done we will private list the NFT to the wallet adress of the original NFT. If that doesn't work for you, you'll need to provide another eth adress and solid proof that you own both wallets in the box below (e.g. a transaction or something). Make sure you follow @SuperNfty or add him as a friend so we can contact you.
Thank you! Please leave any additional remarks in the box below.
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