Kiwi Conservation Club - Fox Landfill Story Competition
Suzanne, our KCO from KCC West Coast volunteered for eight days to help clean up the beaches around where she lives after recent Fox River landfill disaster. Extreme weather caused an old dump to erode (break down) and rubbish started floating downstream, and washing up about 300 kilometres along the coast, and through the native bush. Suzanne said it was really heartbreaking to see the beaches covered in rubbish – especially all the plastic 🙁

While she was cleaning up, Suzanne came across two toys – Lion and Barbie – who look like they have a real story to tell!
Check out this link to see Lion and Barbie

What to do:

Write or draw an imaginative story that could be published in Wild Things about the experience of Lion and Barbie. It needs to create awareness about Climate Change, as there are 100s of landfills around NZ at risk of coastal or river erosion with all the extreme weather starting to happen.

Attach a link or copy your story into this form. If it is hand drawn eg a comic, hand in to Mrs Gent in H4 with your name and class details.

Due 21st June to Mrs Gent (by submitting this form)

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