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Let us not just look at COVID-19 as a time we have been isolated to our homes to social distance, but as a path to find alternative ways to connect with each other! We are looking for folks from First Presbyterian to serve others in our congregation through their talents, skills, and resources and maybe find a new friendship develop through our love of Christ. Prayerfully consider if any of these are ways that you could offer to support someone’s needs: Connection/Encouragement/ Errands/ Technology Help or Other.

Errands could include: grocery shopping for another while you are shopping or picking up something from the pharmacy for someone or even walking someone’s dogs.

Encouragement could include calling someone to talk, calling someone to pray with them, or sending notes.

Technology help could include: helping someone with computer skills (accessing church streamed service), ordering groceries online, accessing digital materials (i.e. podcasts).

Other: Maybe you have another skill you’d like to offer such as “homework” help, sharing a song with the congregation, making cards, or videoing yourself reading scripture.   Let's hear your best ideas!

We don’t know what the needs of our congregation may be as COVID-19 progresses! Please fill out the form below to be considered for assisting in any of these areas and note that you can always change your response as new things develop everyday.

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I some ideas about how I would like to help or encourage others!   Please let us know your ideas.
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