USD 298 Home Survey
Kansas State Department of Education has released guidance to our district in order to develop a continuous learning plan. In order to provide equitable learning plans for students, it is important that we have the following data. Please fill the form out by 5 pm 3/21/2020.
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Do you need USD 298 to provide you a device at home for each child to continue learning at this time? *
If you need a device in your home, how many will you need?
Do you have Internet at home? *
If you have Internet is your data limited or unlimited?
If you have Internet, what is the speed of your Internet?
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If you have Internet, who is your Internet provider?
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Does your household have a smart phone with a data plan? *
If you do not have Internet, please provide the address of your child's location. (for instance: home address)
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If you have transportation available, are you willing to drive to an access point if the Internet is provided to you. *
Please provide a contact name and current phone number that we can call to schedule a time to pick up belongings and check out a device to your family if needed. *
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