Proctor Facility
As-salaamalaikum Dear Student

Al Huda Proctor facility is available between -- Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm only.

Please note that Proctor is 'not available on weekends' (Sat and Sun)

Kindly make sure to read below requirements, guidelines and fill the form as listed below.

1) Exam Booking:
- Must be done at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled dates

2) Proctor Facility Fee:
- $5/- per Exam

3) You may forward the fee payment to your proctor when you come in for the exam and take your receipt.

4) Computer Usage:
- Student is required to bring the laptop. Internet access shall be provided at the time the exam starts. However, in case student does not have laptop, Al Huda shall provide the laptop/computer for the exam, inshaAllah.

5) Personal ID:
- Any one ID with student's photo is acceptable

1) Timings:
- Confirmation is subject to the availability of proctors.

2) Proctor Staff:
- Only authorized Al Huda staff are available for proctoring, there are no exceptions. If any unauthorized person is found proctoring at Al Huda, in such case they will be reported to ILC/VLC/IOU/MEDU/. And student will not be allowed to take that scheduled exam at Al Huda.

3) Rules of exams:
- Are to be strictly followed (eg no talking, consulting notes etc).

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