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Helping Hands for GAND welcomes you to into the GAND community! Please help us to better connect our community and track the growing number of GAND cases worldwide by sharing a little about your family.

Please only submit this form if your child has been officially diagnosed with a pathological GATAD2B variant. If you have questions, please email us at
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Sharing Your Location
Many GAND families are interested in knowing where other GAND families are generally located. We would like to provide a map to the GAND community with pins placed at the city level for each known case. (Otherwise, they tend to overlap in the same spot.) No names or other identifying information will be used on the map. Please select the "city" option below unless you would prefer one of the less specific options.
Do we have your permission to include your general location on a map of GAND cases to be shared with the GAND community? *
Connecting Families
Many newly diagnosed families desire to make connections with GAND families living near them. We would like to facilitate these connections by sharing your email address with families requesting that information.
Do we have your permission to share the parents' email addresses provided above to fellow GAND families requesting contact information? *
Is there any information about your child or family you would like to share with us? (e.g., type of genetic variant, specific challenges, etc.?)
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We appreciate you taking the time to complete this form. If you have any questions about this form or any other matter, please email us at Thanks and welcome to the GAND family!
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