Doe Bay Fest #12 Artist Application
Hi There,

Thank you for applying to perform at Doe Bay Fest 12, taking place August 8 - August 10 2019 at the Doe Bay Resort and Retreat on Orcas Island.

If you are applying to this festival, please note that you are acknowledging the following:

1. Doe Bay Fest is less a music festival and more a vacation getaway for artists. With that being said, we ask that artists applying do so with the intention of coming and staying the weekend to take advantage of this amazing experience. Artists who simply arrive to perform and leave shortly after their set don't tend to get asked back and we'd rather this opportunity be given to those who want to experience it in it's entirety and be a part of the weekend long experience.

2. Doe Bay Fest has music and events year round! If you are interested in performing at Doe Bay throughout the year, please email

3. Please know that Doe Bay Fest only has 20-25 performance spots each year and that we usually receive near 1,000 submissions every year. If you aren't offered a spot to perform this year, please keep that in mind and also please consider #2 :)

4. Mostly, we love you. Really, we cannot wait to hear your music.

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