Tandem Paragliding Flight Booking
Fly with us, Puli Paragliding Ltd.
Tandem paragliding with a professional Team in Puli Taiwan. You can Soaring like a bird over Puli and surrounding terrain. If you have a couple of hours in Puli, we will give you the wonderful paragliding experience of life time.
Puli is the geographical center of Taiwan. All the time is an experienced and professional certified paragliding tandem pilot with you. You do not need any prior knowledge to fly with us. We look forward to welcoming you in Puli.
Activity Details
Flight time: 10-15 Minutes (fly again, if < 10 minutes).

Price: NT$2,900
。10-15 minute flight
。Professional paragliding instructors
。DHV certified Paragliding equipment
。DHV certified double carrier reserve parachutes
。Pockets in equipment for personal items
。Video camera for recording during flight (free 8G microSD card)
。Free shuttle service between Puli Bus Station / Puli Hotel and take off field .

Payment: No deposit required for reservation. Pay at your arrival. We only accept cash.

Confirmation: You will receive our confirmation email or message within 24 hours.

Additional Info:
。Shuttle bus service for participant is free, for accompanies are NT$100 each way.
。The paragliding soaring activity is affected by weather, you need two hours on site time
for preparation and schedule for flight.
。Daily booking only for basic tandem fly (10-15 minutes).
。For advanced level flights will depend on the weather and
physical condition of the passenger.
。Participant’s weight limits is 35kg - 90kg.

Transportation: You can drive to the paragliding location by car or come to Puli by bus.
We provide free shuttle bus for pick up at Puli Bus Station or Hotel in the Puli.
(including luggage)

Other information:
。Take off place is near “Taiwan Geographical Center Monument” in Hu-tou San take off site (虎頭山飛行場).
。Paragliding operating hours are 11am - 4pm.
。Please wear long-sleeved shirt, long pants, hiking boots and
don’t forget to bring your passport.

Local map / Bus station:
https://goo.gl/maps/5CtqSqry7KN2 (Puli bus station)
https://goo.gl/maps/pmjuC5PSBom (The take off site)

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