Follow-up Report for Conference / Workshop In-cooperation with SIGHPC
Due no later than 90 days after the event.

Please note that starting January 1, 2019 all events are also required to submit demographic information for the following categories: committee, authors, reviewers, and speakers. Sections 2 - 5 will ask you to enter the number of participants in each category considering the following areas:

- Work environment:
    - Academia, Research, Industry, Government
- Type of organization
    - University/College, Other Educational, Industry, Government Agency or Contractor, Non-Profit, Other)
- Primary work country
    - Canada, Germany, United States, Other
- Gender identity
    - Male, Female, Respondent-provided, Not provided

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Name of Conference/Workshop *
Please enter the full name of the conference/workshop, exactly as it appeared on the title page of the proceedings.
Date conference/workshop occurred *
URL of proceedings in the ACM Digital Library *
URL for the Conference/Workshop Website *
Number of papers submitted *
Number of papers reviewed *
Number of reviews per paper *
If number varied, enter the overall range (e.g. 2-3)
Number of papers published in proceedings *
Length of published papers *
If length varied, enter the overall range (e.g. 8-10 pages)
Approximate number of people attending *
If people were in-and-out, enter the overall range (e.g. 20 - 25 people). Please include the number of attendees in each registration category, including diversity statistics.
Please enter a short summary of the conference / workshop *
Please enter a short summary (<1,500 characters) of the conference/workshop including: general assessment of the technical quality of the papers, general assessment of the quality of the presentations and associated events, associated events, total anticipated revenue and expenses, any problem areas encountered by the meeting, and ways the conference / workshop might be improved in the future.
Are you likely to submit a proposal for a follow-on SIGHPC in-cooperation conference / workshop? *
Additional comments/feedback
If there is any feedback you would like to share with SIGHPC or information about your event that was not covered in a previous section, please enter it here.
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