Longridge Canoe Club Membership Application Form 2020/21
Membership Period: 1 May 2020 - 30 April 2021.
The Membership applications are the combination of the form and payment (where applicable). One without the other is not valid.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 Existing Members from 2019/20 have special arrangements - please see the club's statement. Make sure you select the 'continuation membership option'.

If this Application is for a person under 18 then this form must be completed by a parent or guardian.

PLEASE NOTE: Most people will have LESS than 10 sections/questions to complete.
Initially the form may indicate a larger number of questions/sections - DON'T WORRY you will not need to complete them all - the system will skip any that are not relevant to you.
Email address *
Password / Authorisation Code *
Membership is open to those who were a member from the year immediately before this renewal; attending our introduction or taster course and were given the Membership Application Form password; spoken with the Club Officials and have been provided with the Membership Application Form password
(only enter a junior's email address above if you are content for them to receive emails direct from the Club (and confirmation of this application form), otherwise enter an adult's email details)
As a result of the impact of COVID-19 the Club has announced special arrangements for fees for Existing Members (of 2019/20). Make sure you select the 'continuation membership option' at the relevant point in this form.
Member's First Name *
Member's Last Name *
Date of Birth *
Please ONLY enter as DD/MM/YYYY (e.g. 05/08/1976)
Street Address *
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Postcode *
Telephone Contact Number (Mobile Preferred) *
please enter without spaces such as: 07976123987 or 01628789321.
NB - Family Groups please fill out a SEPARATE form for EACH Family Member.
We appreciate this is a little tedious, but for the club administrators this makes life much easier to process the data and find individual's information. In addition if/when British Canoeing release their new Membership software, one form each will enable us to link to that. Thank you!
What type of application are you making? *
Please Note : Voting Rights at AGMs or EGMs require a Full Annual Membership (and be aged 16+ on the day of the AGM).
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