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The CVC Free Store Pop-Up is 100% operated by volunteers. It is currently operating out of a volunteer's basement storage unit near the Ohio State Fairgrounds. For the safety of everyone all visitors are required to read and respond to all of the questions below. Thank you for your time!
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To schedule your appointment would you like us to text or email you? Please include your number if you want us to text you. *
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Information About the Free Store
Do you feel safe and comfortable walking up/down stairs? There are three small sets of stairs that lead to the Free Store Pop-Up which is located in a volunteer's basement storage unit. Please let us know if you are unable to walk on stairs and we can make other arrangements for you. *
The Free Store Pop-Up is run out of volunteer's homes. We do not collect information from visitors or require any paperwork. To ensure the safety of everyone involved you must agree to *not* share the address of the Free Store with anyone. If you know someone who is interested in the Free Store please tell them to go to: or to email so that they can agree to the safety rules. *
Caring Veg Community (CVC) believes in liberation for all. We believe that Black Lives Matter, trans women are women, all bodies are valid, and we do not tolerate any hate, bigotry, or white supremacy in our spaces. Anyone who compromises the safety of the Free Store will be asked to leave and will not invited back. *
Please only take items from the Free Store that you will use. Please do not sell anything that you take from the Free Store. *
Vegan Food Available. The Free Store is run by ethical vegans. Would you like to take home some vegan food to try?
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form! We will be in touch soon!
If you need to contact us directly, you can message us through or email us at Please know that the Free Store is 100% run by volunteers so we are not always available to quickly respond. We respond to appointment requests in the order that they are received and usually reply within 72 hours. If you have not heard from us within 3 days please feel free to email us to check on your appointment request.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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