School Climate Survey: School Personnel
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Staff Connections
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Structure for Learning
Teachers at my school frequently recognize students for good behavior. *
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My school promotes academic success for all students. *
All students are treated fairly by the adults at my school. *
Teachers at my school treat students fairly regardless of race, ethnicity, or culture. *
Teachers at my school work hard to make sure that students do well. *
School Safety
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If I report unsafe or dangerous behaviors, I can be sure the problem will be taken care of. *
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Physical Environment
My school building is well-maintained. *
Instructional materials are up to date and in good condition. *
Teachers at my school keep their classrooms cleaned and organized. *
Teachers make an effort to keep the school building and facilities clean. *
Please add any additional comments that you would like to share with the committee concerning your view of the current school climate at Westwood ISD.
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