Sustainable Highland Park Plastic Bag Survey
SHP is surveying our neighbors and community members about disposable plastic bags. Thank you for taking the time to share your information and thoughts! The more responses we get, the more we can gauge the usage of and feelings about plastic bags in our community, so please share this survey with your family, friends and neighbors in Highland Park.

For more information about our plastic bag campaign and other Sustainable Highland Park programs and initiatives, please visit Feel free to sign up for our mailing list in the sidebar of the website, and follow SHP and our Plastic Bag Education and Reduction Campaign at

Please note, this campaign is funded by a grant from Sustainable Jersey and PSEG.

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Shops should offer biodegradable and reusable bags for a fee? *
I would be more likely to use reusable bags if I was reminded to bring them *
An ordinance should be passed in Highland Park to stop usage of plastic bags? *Please note, there is no ordinance planned. We want public feedback on this option. *
The public needs more information on the dangers and impact of plastic bags to our environment. *
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