Application to join Inner Peace & Self Love Through Embracing Your Shadow Circle
Hello there 😃

1. Please fill out the answers at least one hour before the event starts. (If you are too late, you can still fill out it so you can join the event next and the following weeks).

2. Please fill out the answers completely with 1-2 sentences per answer (otherwise you will not receive an response).

3. You only need to fill out this form once and will get access to all future events as well + a private group where you can exchange experiences with other members.

This event is for people who are committed to go really deep in their healing journey and are experienced. Around 50 % of people who apply get redirected to another event that we see as a more suitable option. 
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Where did you hear about this healing circle? *
What makes you want to join the inner peace & self love through embracing your shadow event? What do you hope to get out of it? Please share at least one sentence or more *
What do you feel is needed in order to keep this group a safe & healing environment? Please share at least one sentence or more *
What is your current inner work/healing practice consist of? Please share at least one sentence or more. *
What is the most healing/transformative experience you ever made in your life? Please share at least 2 sentences or more. *
Who are you greatest inspirations & influences when it comes to your inner peace, self love and healing? Please share a few words about how they inspired you.
2 or more sentences.
How would you respond if you see a close friend of yours in an emotional state like sadness, anger or fear? Please share 1-2 sentences. *
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