#saveSOASGreen - please sign in solidarity
The Fourth Quadrant, also known as The Green for the SOAS community, is in danger of being built on. This piece of land owned by University of London has been put on the table for a building project in conjunction with UCL. We will not accept this. We will stop this.

The Green is essential to the SOAS community as it is our main green communal space. Since the very beginning, it has been home to many protests, BBQs, film screenings, picnics, summer lunches, social events, graduation photos, open days, campus tours and many more community events. The Green at the core of every student and staff member’s experience at SOAS, from the beginning until the very end. Furthermore, the logo of SOAS is a tree, which only gives this piece of land a bigger significance for us. The London Plane tree which stands on the Green is an important landmark that is integral to the identity of this space.

In a context of savage capitalism and urban development in which every single piece of green land is being targeted and built on, not only in London but all around the world, protecting The Green becomes even more relevant. We need to fight collectively to ensure our communal spaces and everything they mean for the people who use them are kept safe. We have witnessed throughout history, and nowadays, how dispossession of land ownership and use is key to the spreading of a gendered and racialised imperialist, colonial and capitalist agenda that keeps killing people and the planet. For that reason, protecting The Green is the very least we can do to actively fight this agenda and ensure a better and fairer future for all.

This project is underwritten by corporate greed where commons and social good are not valued but are destroyed for the sole purpose of value extraction. We have witnessed this behaviour time and again, with this latest effort to expand on to The Green being an illustration of the increasingly neoliberal university attempting to boost student numbers to supplement its bottom line while continuing to outsource their workers and screw academic staff out of their pensions.

Therefore, we demand that University of London and UCL to commit to the following:

- To make a formal commitment to not building on the fourth quadrant.
- To not cut down the tree.
- To ensure all outsourced workers, both at University of London and UCL, are brought in house, as soon as possible, with a fair negotiation and transition process.
- To consult widely with the Bloomsbury community from the earliest stage of all future building and development projects undertaken by UoL and/or UCL.”

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