NER 600k and 2x200k Straw Poll
A poll to get an approximate count for the NER Sept 11-12th 600k and 2-by-200k brevets. Please note that these rides, unlike the other NER rides this season, will not be free as we will be including hotel rooms (double occupancy) and higher food costs. Cost for either will likely be around $80.

Answers are not binding, but please try to be as definitive as you can so we can budget correctly.
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How likely are you to ride the 600k? The route is still being finalized, but will be around 18000ft of climbing, including the Kancamagus Pass, and the sleep stop will overlap with the 2x200k. (This is for counting hotel rooms as sleep space will be included in the ride fee.) *
Zero percent chance.
How likely are you to ride the first day of the 2x200k? The route will be a slightly-modified version of the Portland Express 200k. (We ask as there is a special ACP medal available for this ride, commemorating 100 years of randonneuring, and we need to preorder them.) *
Zero percent chance.
How likely are you to need a hotel on the 2x200k *
None - I'm either not planning to ride or I live in Portland and will sleep at home (or similar.)
Anything else about this event you'd like to know or tell us? *
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