(Weekly) Survey of Parents about COVID-19 有關家長新冠肺炎的調查
In order to take effective prevention and control of the COVID-19, please take a few minutes to complete the following survey ON EVERY SUNDAY.
1. Today 今日日期 *
2. Your Class 你的班別
3. Name of Child 你的孩子姓名 *
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4. Your Name 你的姓名 *
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5. Relationship with Child 與孩子的關係 *
6. Have you ever been to the mainland cities, Korea, Iran, Italy, U.S. or Spain within 14 days? If yes, please specify the city. 最近14天內是否有前往內地城市、韓國、伊朗、意大利、美國或西班牙? *
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