Greene County Schools STEM Teacher Leadership Academy

Greene County Schools will offer a STEM Leadership Academy on July 29th-August 1st. The STEM Teacher Leadership Academy will provide various methods of inquiry-based learning through a STEM infused curriculum for teachers in K-12 to support career and college readiness. Complete the information below if interested in attending. A full agenda will be provided by June 4th. Training is offered at a rate of $300 per teacher or $975 for a team of four. Contact Mr. José Garcia with questions or concerns, 252.747-8191 or email at

Guiding Principles:
1. Focus on Integration. Teachers will be able to combine two or more of the STEM disciplines so students can see the relationship among concepts.
2. Set up Relevance. Teachers will be able to assist students develop meaning by applying the use of STEM knowledge.
3. Emphasize Twenty-First Century Skills. Teachers will be able to assist students develop the knowledge and skills they need for the contemporary workforce.
4. Challenge Your Students. Teachers will be able to provide projects, tasks, and activities that hold students' interest and challenge their understandings and abilities.
5. Mix It Up. Teachers will be able to provide a variety of STEM lessons and activities for students.

Vasquez, Jo A., et al. STEM Lesson Essentials. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2013. Print.

Agenda: STEM Implementation Blueprint (classroom, school, district)
*Curriculum Maps
*Lesson Template
*Grand Challenge Development
*Mini Challenge Development
*Canvas Course Development (Participants receive a content specific digital STEM course to customize)
*Instructional Technology Integration (iPads, Tablets, Apps, laptops)
*Participants end the day with a mini-challenge
*Participants receive additional resources (STEM Best Practices notebook and Literature)
**Course training support and availability varies due to each course instructor's summer schedule.

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