Goldwater Scholarship Applicants 2018-2019
Complete this form if you are interested in applying for the Goldwater Scholarship this year. Please read through the following information about the award to determine if you are eligible.

CAMPUS DEADLINE/NOMINATION PROCESS: The campus deadline for receipt of all application materials is Friday, November 9, 2018. A faculty panel will review applications and select four nominees to represent the university in the national competition.


RESEARCH REQUIREMENT FOR CAMPUS NOMINATION: You'll need significant undergraduate research experience to be competitive.

STEM PhD INTENTION: You’ll need to demonstrate that you’re on a path to a PhD in a STEM discipline. Students who will be pursuing an MD alone are not eligible to apply, but students pursuing an MD-PhD are eligible.


SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION: The Goldwater Scholarship provides opportunities for outstanding U.S. students with excellent academic records and demonstrated interest in, and potential for, careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, and engineering. Covers eligible expenses (tuition, fees, books, room and board) up to a maximum of $7,500 per year (sophomores receive two years of support, juniors one year). Approximately 300 Goldwater Scholarships are awarded per year.

ELIGIBILITY: Second- or third-year student during the year of application. U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or U.S. national.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Excellent GPA, outstanding academic performance, and demonstrated potential for and commitment to a research career in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering. To be considered competitive for institutional nomination, students must have a record of academic excellence as demonstrated by GPA, significant research experience, and strong letters of recommendation. The Goldwater selection committee gives equal weight to four criteria: academic achievement, research experience/progress toward research goals, the research essay, and letters of recommendation.

NATIONAL DEADLINE: Application deadline for students receiving a university endorsement is late January.

NOTIFICATION: Winners are announced in late March.

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