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Education Sphere (Total Possible Points = 45)
1. Enjoy gaining an understanding about areas of academic interest (i.e. history, mathematics, science, language, arts, vocational studies, etc.) *
2. Motivated by seeing others learn and apply newly acquired facts or processes. *
3. Internal personal motivation to read. *
4. Have a natural gift to relate to many types and styles of personalities. *
5. Naturally possess good verbal and communication skills. *
6. Generally organized, detailed, self-disciplined, and have the ability to manage time. *
7. Able to think logically, procedurally, and establish processes that end in task accomplishment. *
8. Able to explain and demonstrate knowledge about subjects of interest. *
9. Have a natural ability to be creative in areas of personal interest. *
Business/Finance Sphere (Total Possible Points = 45)
1. Have a general interest in or knowledge regarding business or finance. *
2. Have an interest in entrepreneurship or business ownership that provides products or services. *
3. Able to apply investment with return theories and processes. *
4. Have an ability to negotiate, make decisions, and resolve conflicts that may have an effect on business success. *
5. Organized, detailed, and self-disciplined in matters of business or financial importance. *
6. Have an ability to express verbally and possess good communication skills *
7. Able to assume a leadership role and work successfully in a team setting. *
8. Enjoy and understand financial accounting and budgeting operations. *
9. Have a creative ability and planning skills that provide practical solutions. *
Arts/Entertainment Sphere (Total Possible Points = 45)
1. Have a distinct and participative interest in one or more of the arenas of the arts, music, sports, fashion, or entertainment. *
2. Creatively motivated with ability, talent or gifting in the arts, music, sports, fashion or entertainment arenas. *
3. Enjoy displaying created or artistic personal works. *
4. Comfortable performing or possessing primary roles in public forums. *
5. Have technical or practical skills necessary, and motivated to use those skills to produce excellence in arts and entertainment. *
6. Enjoy producing works that challenge individuals and society to new ways of thinking and acting. *
7. Tend to avoid things that can be viewed or perceived as old or dull. *
8. Are viewed by others to be passionate with an outgoing and effervescent personality. *
9. Willing and able to work independently and make decisions to create or refine, works of art, music, sports, fashion or entertainment. *
Media Sphere (Total Possible Points = 45)
1. Have a personal interested in active participation or production in the newspaper, television, journalism, or electronic industries. *
2. Enjoy writing, reporting, and communicating noteworthy events that are viewed as important to self and others. *
3. Tend to enhance or sensationalize events in such a way as to bring influence for social acceptance. *
4. Comfortable with a leadership or performing role in public forums. *
5. Have technical understanding, interest in, or skill with communication and electronic transmission formats. *
6. Comfortable as a fact-gatherer-especially in areas of public interest. *
7. Able to influence or shape the understanding others have about issues at hand. *
8. Tend to bring an impact that results in an intended or desired outcome when communicating with others. *
9. Interested in and skilled at writing or public speaking. *
Religion Sphere (Total Possible Points = 45)
1. Strongly motivated to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm and spiritual matters. *
2. Have made an unwavering decision about the existence of God and that the only avenue of access to His acceptance is through His Son Jesus Christ. *
3. Worship of God and demonstrating a righteous lifestyle are of the highest personal priority. *
4. Acknowledge that there is an ongoing struggle between good and evil that goes on in both the spiritual and natural realms. *
5. Desire to be actively involved in advancing the Kingdom of God in the natural realm. *
6. Able to believe in spiritual matters by faith without the influence of factual data. *
7. Have a genuine concern for the eternal condition of self and others. *
8. Enjoy participation in acts of worship, study and service to others. *
9. Interested in being involved in ministering through counseling, relationship-building, discipleship, teaching, serving, hospitality, etc. *
Family Sphere (Total Possible Points = 45)
1. Have a genuine concern for the deterioration of the family unit in society. *
2. Personally Committed to stand against social injustices-especially as it pertains to individuals and families. *
3. Compassion for abuses that occur within the family unit-espacially as it affects children. *
4. Regularly express concern for the absence of fathers in the family unit and the effect of this absence. *
5. Desire to provide personal assistance in the healing of family relationships. *
6. Possess a discerning for the presence of emotional distress and mental trauma in people. *
7. Able to recognize and resist the enablement of continued adverse and negative behaviors often present through other members of the family unit. *
8. Service to others is a high priority in my personal life. *
9. Willing to work with or through public and private social service agencies to bring about change and success to family units. *
Government Sphere (Total Possible Points = 45)
1. Have a high interest in political science, political process, and the structure of governments. *
2. Enjoy serving the public, even with the personal sacrifices and exposure that is required. *
3. Have a strong sense of knowing self with a strong recognition of personal worth and a high level of personal integrity. *
4. Trust the political process to bring about the best solutions to problems. *
5. Have a high respect for authority. *
6. Interested in law and have respect for the legal process. *
7. Able to gather facts, problem-solve, and make good decisions based on those outcomes. *
8. Willing to be publicly transparent and genuinely concerned for the needs of people and communities. *
9. Personal desire or willing to serve in occupations that carry out the pruposes and the processes of government. *
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