The River Rock Club Host Application

Please fill out this application and answer all of the questions honestly and completely.
* We do NOT hire Hosts under 30 days old.
* ALL sections of this application must be filled out please
* BEFORE applying, please take a look at our schedule.
* ALL applicants who pass initial screening are required to participate in an in-person interview

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Full SL Name (username) *
SL Birthdate *
Have you ever worked at The River? *
If so, when and why did you leave?
Why do you want to work at The River? *
What Time Zone are you in?  (+ or - SLT please) *
When are you available for an interview? *
We can not guarantee that the time will work for a manager to perform the interview but we will accommodate as best we can. 
What is your preferred availability? (Please use SLT hours)
Check all that apply.
Do you currently manage or own an SL Club?  If so, what club? *
What clubs are you currently working at or have worked at? *
Do you know how to send out group notices? *
Tell us what makes you a good host. *
If the club is quiet and people are dancing but no one is interacting,  what would you do to get chat moving? *
How long have you been a host? (also, please list what clubs you have worked for) *
Were you referred by someone, if yes who? *
Any additional comments or questions?
Thank you for taking the time to apply at The River Rock Club. Response times may vary and may take up to a few days. If you have any questions, concerns or changes to your Host Application please feel free to contact a River Manager.
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