Questions, Comments and Suggestions for the Division of Undergraduate Education
This Virtual Feedback Box gives employees in the Division of Undergraduate Education a place to feel heard, submit anonymous suggestions for improvement and provide feedback to better foster a sense of belonging within the Division and at the university. The units comprising the Division are spread across campus, making a physical feedback box impractical and a virtual submission process accessible to all.

All submissions are anonymous, unless you denote otherwise. The Chief of Staff of the Division of Undergraduate Education, Cindy Bumgarner, will view all submissions. Ideas presented may be shared with the Division’s senior leadership team. You can also send a note through campus mail to the Chief of Staff (mail code 1500).

We strive for the Division to embody principles of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity as well as the Berkeley operating principles. We have listed these principles should you find them helpful in framing your questions, concerns, ideas and general feedback. Please indicate any Operating Principle(s) your submission may relate to.
We welcome suggestions that hone in on ways in which we work together, communicate and conduct business, offer approaches for improving efficiency and outline means to foster an equitable and inclusive climate at UC Berkeley. If you have ideas on how to improve our work environment, we want to hear from you.
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Additional resources to address specific concerns:
an independent department that provides strictly confidential, impartial and informal conflict resolution and problem-solving services for all Staff, Non-Senate Academics, and Faculty who perform management functions.

provides an informal dispute resolution process in which the Ombudsperson advocates for fairness, justice, respect for differences, and reasonable solutions to student and postdoctoral issues and concerns.

has the specific responsibility for providing prompt and effective responses to all complaints of sex discrimination or harassment for faculty, staff and students. The Office also responds to concerns from faculty and students regarding other forms of discrimination - such as, age, religion, national origin, etc.

encourages employees to use the guidance provided in the policy to "blow the whistle" on "improper governmental activities," and provides a procedure for filing and addressing whistleblower complaints.

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