Conscious Media Think Tank Volunteer Application
The top-thinkers of the entertainment industry are meeting in May 2018 for a groundbreaking, inaugural, invitation-only think tank to discuss and plan — “The Future of Conscious Media: Return on Inspiration, Insight and Investment”

Our goal is to increase the quality, quantity and accessibility of Conscious Media. We would love to have you join us. Your contribution will have a huge impact!

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As a volunteer, you will be making a huge difference to the community, and world-at-large, as we support better stories. As a volunteer, you will receive benefits. There are levels available related to your projects completed and/or hours donated. They will include: becoming a Founding Conscious Media Visionaries Consortium Member, free Conscious Media Visionaries membership, discounts to CMV events/education, advance announcements of events, and more. Also, there is room at our location for our volunteers to have a bird’s eye view of the Think Tank. Space is still limited and will be available to those working a minimum amount of hours.

We need your help with:
-- visibility to your network of colleagues or followers
-- community outreach via our social media portals and marketing campaigns
-- fundraising
-- event planning and production
-- marketing and PR
-- stakeholder relations by keeping in touch with our participants and managing guest lists
-- tech & media production
-- writing

Working remotely opportunities available.

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