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Please provide a link (URL) to a single file that contains both your COVER LETTER and your RESUME. You can link to a PDF file (preferred) or a MS Word document. If you cannot easily share your application via a URL (and ONLY then), please email your application file directly to wholetale-interns-2019@googlegroups.com, with a "cc:" to ludaesch@illinois.edu.
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You are encouraged to request a reference letter by a professor, supervisor, or other mentor. The letter should be emailed *directly* by the *letter-writer* (not by you, the applicant) to wholetale-interns-2019@googlegroups.com, with a "cc:" to ludaesch@illinois.edu.
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If you are a US citizen or permanent resident, please *SKIP* the following section. Otherwise, you need a valid visa to work within the US. Below, "sponsor" refers to the individual at the applicant's current institution responsible for the visa. This individual may be located at the International Office within the applicant's current institution. Please include the Institution sponsoring the visa (university), and the name, email, and phone number of the individual.
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